Wednesday, December 14, 2011


A group of us were talking with one of our previous professors earlier this afternoon at the pinning ceremony for the graduating nursing students. He's an amazing professor, and a lot of us look up to him. He told us of a story he had been told by another much-respected individual in the nursing profession...

We all live in this strange (but fascinating) zig-zag pattern. We have ups, and we have downs. Zigs, and zags.

We were told that it's important to have a safety net around us, so our zags don't end up below the previous zig. (Am I making any sense?) It's so important to keep living in an upwards pattern. Our professor said to zig and zag in a way so that when we're at the top, we can look back and say "How the hell did I get up here?"

What is your safety net? Mine is my family, my boyfriend, my cats, my friends and my fellow nursing students. I also have my spirituality, my joy in my work, and the deep-seated knowledge that every day is a new opportunity.

I used to zag a lot. It seemed, some days, that I would zag forever and that there was no bottom to hit. I decided one day that I really needed to zig... this zagging thing was really getting old! I zigged away, going back to school and really developing myself into the person I saw myself as becoming. There have been some zags thrown in there from time to time, just to keep it interesting, but I'm zigging at a right pace right now, thanks to my confidence and my safety net. I love my safety net. It's always there when a zag is on the horizon, threatening my zigginess.

I'm consistently getting up there in levels that I never dreamed that I would reach. I'm determined to get to the top and look back, and say "How the hell did I get this high!?" Know what? I'm glad I'm not afraid of heights, because I'm already pretty high up here. I should have brought a flag or something.

Go for it. Zig. You can do it.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Short hiatus

I'm fine, I promise...

I have my last final of the semester tomorrow morning, and I've been SO busy with work, and our student organization as well. In the final stages of getting over this cold, which put a lot of things on the back burner for awhile.

I promise to be back soon. :) And I will bring new levels of Awesomeness!