Tuesday, February 5, 2019


I want to talk about Starlight….

BrettCulp, of The Rising Heroes Project (and film director, and all-around good human), spoke at our Leadership Development Conference yesterday. In speaking about leadership, he brought to the forefront the need to recognize that what we do today may not be seen for many years. He used starlight as an example of this.

The North Star, as Brett stated, is 400 light years away. What we see today is the light generated by that star 400 years ago. Although I knew that from past science classes, it resonated with me in a different way now – as a leader.

I watch my colleagues in healthcare advocate, and heal, and fight, and love their work, and struggle as they watch their patients decline… and there is such a need for that immediate gratification that we’re doing good work. We ARE doing good work – yet we may not see those results for a long time, if at all. We have to have faith that the work is sending out ripples as if it was dropped into the middle of the ocean away from all humanity.

Real leadership is inviting people on a mission to do something extraordinary together.”
~Brett Culp

We’re on a mission. All of us. We may not always know what that mission is, yet if we stick to our ethics and passions, our path will light up in front of us. Bring people with you on your journey who share your passion. Reach out for mentors and guides and the quiet people in the corner with the spark in their eyes. You know more than you think you do, and there are a lot of eager ears willing to listen and learn. We’re all students, even if we’re not enrolled in classes. Each day you will learn something new, or will be able to teach someone something new. That’s pretty amazing. Your starlight will go on for eons after you’re not here to see the end result.

We need to have faith in ourselves just as much as we have faith that those stars will keep on burning well into the future.