Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A few of my favorite things...

This is a random entry based on things, people, and general awesomeness that make me happy.

Because happy is a good thing.

The 30-Day Challenge Series
This is a varied 30-Day (duh) challenge which has you busting your buns with ab workouts, juicing challenges, and the September "bring it" of the arm challenge. I've been working on the ab challenge and have noticed a difference in the strength of my core.

I admit that I've taken days off here and there based on inability to move. I also admit that I missed a couple of days due to pure laziness, but I've tried to make those up with a two-workout day. It IS a lot of fun to be able to make a huge black "X" through the days that you've completed the challenge!

--Facebook link--

My Fitness Pal

I use this site to track what I eat (yes, EVERYTHING) and what exercise I do. I also have my FitBit hooked up to it, so I get some calorie return at the end of the day when I sync the little guy into my laptop.

There are message boards, friends that keep you motivated, and the magic tracker that lets you know how well you're doing. Or not. I tend to weigh myself and chart it only when I've lost weight, but that's just me. That's why it looks like it's taken me over a year to lose 16 pounds.

My Fitness Pal

Ray Donovan
This is a Showtime series which runs on Sunday evenings at 10 PM ET/PT. It's about a guy and his family who are originally from Boston but now live in Calabasas, CA. Ray is a "fixer" for the Hollywood type, and there's generally a lot of cursing and violence, but you get the idea that he loves his two kids as well as his wife... when he's not messing around on her. He also hates his father, who got out of prison early, and has 2 1/2 brothers and a dearly-departed sister.
I totally love this show. Check it out.
Hot Romance by Leichelle K

My friend writes amazing, steamy stuff. The extra awesome part is that she named one of her characters after me. I'm super proud of her for following her dream and being published. Go check her out on the Amazon link I've posted below.

Leichelle K on Amazon

Kirsten A. Piccini, Storyteller

This totally sweet lady has been someone I've been blessed to call a friend. We met while I was writing at Just Be Enough, and I'm in awe of this girl. She has a Facebook page now that links to all of her short stories and longer writings, and I HIGHLY encourage you to go read some of it while you have a large cup of tea or coffee or wine.

Kirsten's Facebook Page

Road Race Place

For an aspiring, although not entirely successful (YET), runner, this website has an entire registry of upcoming races. 5K, 15K, halfies, full marathons, etc. It's an incredibly inspiring site for me as I continue training for my first 5K. You can browse through states and months worth of races, and register for them right on the site. Super!

Road Race Place

So that's my start. I have a ton more people/places/things to share with you as I get this blog back up and moving. Let me know if you would like to be featured here!

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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Bucket List

So, yeah, everyone does this, and now it's my turn, and sometimes I follow the crowd.

Sometimes I don't.

I turn forty next year. 40. 4-0. 4 times 10. Cuarenta. One more than thirty-nine.

Yes, I'm having a hard time with this. Mainly because I don't feel my age, and also because there are many years behind me that are going to directly affect what I've wanted for my future. If that makes sense. So I figure it's time to write a list of things that I want to accomplish over the next four decades. I'll be adding to this as time goes on, and as I'm inspired.

1) Go back to school for at least my Master's, if not my DNP.

2) Travel. Spain, Ireland, Japan, Greece, Italy, New Zealand.

3) Go back to Panama on another Medical Brigade.

4) Adopt a little peanut and afford him or her all the love I had growing up as an adopted child.

5) Go to one of those wine and painting classes.

6) Run a 5K

7) Run a half-marathon

8) Get over my fear of scuba diving.

9) Contact my biological father and thank him for, well, ME.

10) Buy a bicycle and explore this gorgeous city. And then explore other places!

11) Go and meet my best friend in the world who has been my best friend for more than 8 years and we have never even met in person.

12) Get an article published.

13) Realize my full health and potential.

14) Wear a bikini on the shores of somewhere with pride.

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