Monday, October 24, 2011

Five things that make me smile

I love the blogs and women behind "Just Be Enough". We were asked to share five things that make us smile.

I smile a LOT. This is a toughie!

Ahem. *Giggles*


1. The fam. This is just a photo of the parents because The Man doesn't care to be shared on public domain, and the sister probably doesn't, either. She can tell me either way and I'll go from there. :)
But, let me tell you how AWESOME the parents are...

Mom and I like to put together puzzles and go to lunch and pretend we're going to have a healthy salad. Then we're all, "We're out to lunch for the first time in six months, screw the salad, let's get a big fat burger and fries." She rocks.

Dad and I like to go fishing and cook on holidays. Having a baked potato explode in our faces was the highlight of one Christmas, which caused a hell of a mess and much hilarity in the kitchen. Dad and I have had some of our best talks in the kitchen. He rocks, too.

The sis is out of this world. I love that girl. We still need to have our lunch date which we planned back in 2003 sometime.

2. KITTIES!!!!!!!

Bandit and Bubba are furballs of awesomeness. They have kept me sane and out of too much trouble. Bandit is a cuddlebug, and Bubba likes to knock you over in the hallway so you will play with him.

Bandit (left) and Bubba (right)

3. Batting cages. There is nothing in the world like going in there, smashing the living crap out of softballs for an hour, and feeling like you could rule the world. I also love playing softball, but haven't had time to because of school, work, and all of this other stuff. I am thinking of rejoining a league when I graduate. Because it's insanely fantastic.

Line drive, baby.

4. Carving pumpkins, and everything in the world having to do with Halloween and Autumn. I love doing simple pumpkins with various expressions. The first time you see your creation lit up at night is incredible and fills you with a sense of "Yeah, I totally did that." 

WTF are you looking at?

5. I'm on #5, right? I lose track. I don't think I stopped smiling all weekend, so it's hard to pick JUST ONE more thing that makes me smile.

This is random, but I love tall ships, especially the Star of India. Isn't she beautiful? I used to drive down to the harbor and just sit and stare at her. She's really gorgeous on the inside, too, all dark and shiny wood and energy.


There are a million other things that make me smile. The scent of lemon biscotti in the oven, nutmeg and cloves, a hot shower after freezing on the beach at a bonfire, marshmallows oozing over your fingers in s'more form, that first sip of Guinness, screaming your head off at a baseball game after a walk-off homerun, .... I could go on for days.

Start your day with a smile, and see where that takes you. 



  1. Thank you for posting some happy thoughts!! You made me smile when I needed to.

  2. Batting cages are awesome... but I've never done it for an hour before! You got some serious stamina!!

  3. Fantastic list! Love that photo of the parents. And wow, that boat picture... Sigh. I love boat pictures. ;)

    Thanks for linking up with us!

  4. Lisa, I understand you. I'm happy to help :)

    Thatwhitegirlsblog, aren't they awesome? Seriously... if I didn't run out of quarters, I'd spend the whole day in there. LOL

    Robin, it's a pleasure and an honor to be a part of your network. You are FAB-ulous. :)

  5. that's awesome.. definitely a great way to put a smile on your face when you are feeling down.