Friday, May 17, 2013

Stuck. Blocked. Creative words elude me...

I know a blog is meant for us to express ourselves, to be an outlet for all that churns in our systems, our souls.



Weeks ago, I was writing stories and poems and blog entries by the dozens. Every day, sometimes two or three times a day. I think we all go through this, though, and I'm learning to be patient with myself.

There's stuff going on here that is taking all of my concentration. On the upside of that, I have accepted a full-time position on my favorite oncology unit, and look forward to getting started in a few weeks after our residency is over. I'm also scared to death about being on my own as a nurse, but I know that I'm blessed to have a TEAM behind me on my new unit, and I'll never truly be alone.

I hope you all are well, and that you're unstuck. If you do get stuck, remember it's only temporary. Live for today and the moment.


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