Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Bucket List

So, yeah, everyone does this, and now it's my turn, and sometimes I follow the crowd.

Sometimes I don't.

I turn forty next year. 40. 4-0. 4 times 10. Cuarenta. One more than thirty-nine.

Yes, I'm having a hard time with this. Mainly because I don't feel my age, and also because there are many years behind me that are going to directly affect what I've wanted for my future. If that makes sense. So I figure it's time to write a list of things that I want to accomplish over the next four decades. I'll be adding to this as time goes on, and as I'm inspired.

1) Go back to school for at least my Master's, if not my DNP.

2) Travel. Spain, Ireland, Japan, Greece, Italy, New Zealand.

3) Go back to Panama on another Medical Brigade.

4) Adopt a little peanut and afford him or her all the love I had growing up as an adopted child.

5) Go to one of those wine and painting classes.

6) Run a 5K

7) Run a half-marathon

8) Get over my fear of scuba diving.

9) Contact my biological father and thank him for, well, ME.

10) Buy a bicycle and explore this gorgeous city. And then explore other places!

11) Go and meet my best friend in the world who has been my best friend for more than 8 years and we have never even met in person.

12) Get an article published.

13) Realize my full health and potential.

14) Wear a bikini on the shores of somewhere with pride.

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