Friday, January 29, 2016

Purple Hair and Giant, Ugly Recliners

In preparation for whenever this surgery is, I decided to cut my hair in order to prevent the inevitable ENORMOUS RAT’S NEST that always happens when you’re on your back for an extended period of time. Plus, if I’m out of work for a while, why not go with some color? And by color, I mean red and purple. It’s subtle until I get into afternoon sun and then it’s like “Oh WOW, I have a rainbow on my head.” The pictures below (before cut on the left) don't properly display the "oooooo" factor. In addition, Roxy the Portable Oxygen Tank was set aside for the duration of the cut and color for obvious reasons: heat and sharp things.

Also, Mom had her hair washed that day by the lovely Mandi at Pure Expression Salon. Mandi has been the only person who has brought sharp objects near my hair for about 8 years now. She rocks.

We also bought a giant, tan, ugly power recliner for my recuperation. Imagine going to visit Grandpa and seeing the gigantic recliner in the living room, however mine is also overstuffed to within an inch of its chenille-covered life. It’s also awesome. I’m over feeling like someone who needs a power recliner and am relishing the cushy loveliness of this power pillow on legs. [Side note: Thank you to Jerome's, always. I've never had a bad experience with you guys, and our gal took the time to sit me in every single recliner y'all had in your warehouse.]


In medical news, I finally have my angiogram scheduled for next week and will follow up with the surgeon after that. My metoprolol is working beautifully and my heart rate is in the low 60’s most of the time. I’ve been able to putz around the house and have been efficient at homework but am careful not to stress too much. I still read a lot at night about open heart surgery and patient recovery stories. I just found a few books on the Kindle as well, and am ingesting stories left and right. It’s comforting as well as informative, and interesting to note that there are many differences as well as several similarities in recovery. All I know is that I will recover at my own speed and shouldn’t depend on the tales of others to foretell my own experience. I tell the same to my patients: their body is different than their neighbors and each experience will be different. 

Now, back to watching “The Mentalist.” Simon Baker makes everything better.
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