Thursday, February 11, 2016

The Little Things

It’s the little things. 

Today I received a call from my physician’s office telling me that my doc wasn’t able to log onto the state disability site due to some hang up at his old practice, and I would have to bring in a disability form to the office. I called the disability office for a form and was hung up on twice, told that there were too many people on hold then was hung up on, then I was put on hold for an suggested time of "10 minutes." I was unable to print out the form online as it’s an “order only” thing (too many forgeries?) so I decided to go down to the disability office and ask for a form. I know this is a “little thing” that is basically inconvenient, however it also involves my mom as she has to schlepp me everywhere, plus the idea that I’d be in a line for hours and I only had two hours left on my oxygen tank. While I probably wouldn’t have negative health ramifications, it’s still a thought that the migraines would come back, or I’d pass out, etc. So, off we went. (Also, it's more of a delay for disability and just an added bummer that may affect my claim.) Needless to say, my day had started off way on the wrong foot and my mood was darkened.
Remember what I wrote awhile back about the volatility of my emotional state? Yeah, that. I had a really wonderful day yesterday - had lunch with "my girls" and it was fabulous. Today? It turns out I just needed some boosting. And/or a kick in the ass.

We found a parking spot right outside the front door of the building.  

There were only four clients in the disability office. Three of them engaged me in conversation as soon as I walked in the door, after I spotted forms along a back wall. They were exceptionally helpful in their commentary about how to fill out the form, what do to afterwards, etc. One gentleman told me, smiling, that he was in remission from cancer. As an oncology nurse, I know what this means for a patient, and I was genuine in my congratulations to him and his son. They inquired after my oxygen tank, and I told them that I was expecting a heart procedure of some kind in the near future. They wished me the best and I was out the door in five minutes. What kind gentlemen, and I hope for the best for all of them. It definitely assisted in burning off the frustration I felt this morning. 

At the physician’s office, I quickly retrieved the completed forms and dropped off the state disability form for my physician. There was no wait for that. 

I easily transferred a prescription from one pharmacy to another which was within the physician’s office, and picked that up as well in just a few minutes. The staff was pleasant and there were no hang-ups with the new order.  

Pulling into my community, the sun was shining and the trees looked greener than ever. It was quiet enough to hear birds chirping from all over the complex. One of my cats shadowed me everywhere I went in my home. I was halfway through a cookie recipe before I discovered that I was out of eggs… I improvised and the cookies turned out great (mocha chocolate chip, if you’re wondering.)  

There was no traffic, no idiot drivers, and my oxygen was still plentiful at the end of the journey.  

Now I’m sitting here with a boba tea, with the house smelling like lasagna. A furball is rambling around the house looking for trouble, but I know he’ll be cute even if he does get into trouble. 

It really is the little things.
This kiddo is pretty awesome. Even if she sheds all over the place.
(I'm talking about the cat.)
"Sometimes when I consider what tremendous consequences come from little things, I am tempted to think there are no little things." ~ Bruce Barton

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  1. Indeed it is the little things in life that make an impression :)