Saturday, March 5, 2016

An update on nothing, really

I was asked today if I’m okay because I haven’t put a blog up in awhile, and the last one that was up was a bit dark (okay, a lot dark.) I’m fine.  

I’m still in the waiting game with things and Monday I will be calling the surgeon’s office to make sure that they didn’t forget about submitting my info to the interventional cardiologist, so I can be scheduled for this cardiac catheterization and at least get something the hell over with.  

It’s supposed to rain tomorrow and Monday which will be good for my soul. Rainstorms always help clear out the clouds and other assembled crap in my brain, and I wish there were more of them here in “sunny” San Diego. 

Right now my Roomba is making awful noises as it tries to climb into my cats’ water bowl.  

I’m finishing up another class for my Master’s degree. After this is over, I’ll have two classes left, including the post-practicum class to make sure that I covered everything in my capstone project that I was supposed to. This is the main stressor in my life at this point, as I haven’t been able to really work on this project due to a million things. While I could have done some work on it (I admit it), I am now stuck with the prospect of not being able to drive as well as not being able to fully integrate the project into my work environment. Being on oxygen 24/7 really does tend to cramp a girl’s style. 

The Roomba has settled down and has decided that carpet is much easier on the ol’ wheels than a lumpy water fountain base. As my mom would say, “Good boy.”
His name is Robbie.

Today I actually put all of my laundry away. I emptied the dishwasher. Little things like that make my head feel clearer and make me wish that I had done it several days ago. I still have several emails to write and go through, yet I feel as if I’ve made some progress today. Tonight I plan on watching “The Visit” on demand and enjoying some form of dinner. Perhaps I’ll have a glass of wine with it, as I haven’t had one in forever and it won’t be battling against a huge loading dose of metoprolol. Don’t worry, I’ll be careful. (Mom. Ahem.) 

Speaking of Mom, she’s coming over for a couple of days next week. I’m looking forward to this as it does tend to get lonely here and we have a good time together. I’m super grateful for my friends who have popped by or texted or called, and want to send all of you some cuddles for that. My bud Christine will hopefully be coming over for dinner on Tuesday if she survives her shift. I’m sure she will, she’s a hell of a nurse.  

All is well, friends. It’s one more day under my oxygenated belt.

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