Monday, January 21, 2019

Return to Light

I know most of the planet was watching the rare Wolf Blood Moon lunar eclipse last night, however when there are such stunning natural occurrences such as this was, it sometimes feels as if you’re very much alone… (which isn’t always such a bad thing.)

I received many messages last night from our beautiful Mother Moon and her goddesses, including inspired howling from dogs and coyotes as the night blackened around what appeared to be an orange marble suspended in ink. Surrounding planets and stars glowed brighter, and the street lamps almost became an irritation in their glaringness, interrupting the depth and attention to the sight above. It was understandable that those living in past years feared the eclipse as an omen – the moon became an absolute three-dimensional being that simply “was.”

I did not take photos, but preferred to sit quietly and allow my thoughts and emotions to travel alongside the Earth’s shadow. I was taught patience, as those few seconds before total eclipse seemed to take so many more minutes than thought possible, much like waiting as a child to be allowed into the living room on Christmas morning. Before the shadow passed completely over, Mother Moon shouted one more time, seeming to pulsate with glorious light, as if reminding us that she would return even more lovely than before.

As Artemis reclined with her glass of wine, her moon stayed as a strong presence. It simply “was” without pretention. Billions of people may have been staring at her, yet she rested in her darkness without qualms, patient, waiting to be alight again with the brilliance from her Brother Sun. When the Earth continued on its path and the shadow shifted, a small sliver of beaming intensity shot from the murky sphere, announcing her return and showing us that we are still strong and bright no matter the size of the shadow.

@gbentley271955 - Twitter
Although there were several beautiful photos available online, this photo from Gina Bentley was most profound for me, as it visually demonstrates that return to light. Please see her other photos on her Twitter page @gbentley271955.

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