Tuesday, September 13, 2011

30 Days of Shamelessness - Day 7

Today's challenge: Share your efforts at something you don’t think you do well.

For me, it's organization.

Now, arguably I'm clean, just cluttered. FlyLady helped immensely over the summer. The place was spotless. However, HOWEVER, I was not going to school during the summer. Once school hit, Typhoon Coriander blew through the damn house and upended everything. I'm happy to have a place to put this laptop. I can't see the loveseat because it's covered by clean laundry, textbooks, various coupons, and paperwork that I "might need tomorrow".

The Man is understandably frustrated. Bubba (the cat) is all, "Ooohh. Cool shit to play with and knock under the fridge and you will never see it again. Ha-ha-ha." Bandit (other cat) is like, "Whatever. C'mere and let me sit on your lap."

I am HUGELY organized with my scheduling, however. This semester we're required to do many things outside of school, plus with being on the Board of Directors in our organization, I have a zillion things to do all at one time.

Um, sure. I can fit you in... how's next February?

That is my actual dayplanner for the month of September. It has more stuff in it now since I took that picture a few days ago. I should have weighed the damn thing before and after I actually wrote, because I could probably buy stock in ink or something based by poundage.

I left my dayplanner at home today. I felt naked. Naked is not a good look for a nursing student on campus. 

(I wasn't actually naked.)

So while I'm great at planning and putting stuff on those pages, I'm not so great at organizing my home while I'm doing all the stuff on those pages. I come in the door and plop. I like to plop. Plopping on The Magic Nap Couch is a pleasantry that I haven't had much time for. There is also Norco. Norco has helped my shoulder feel better at night but does absolutely balls at offering me spare time when I am actually conscious and able to move.

Last night I was on The Magic Nap Couch trying to focus on House of Leaves and I ended up waking up at 4:30 in the morning. On the couch. With the book still on my stomach. Thanks, Norco. However, when I came back from a potty break, I found this:

Bandit absorbing the nightmare of the story through osmosis

So as you can see, my organizational un-skills weave their way through my thoughts as well. Start with a blog about a messy house, end with a cute picture of a cuter kitty who is claiming my book for herself.


  1. My work? Organized to the Nth degree.

    Home? BAAAHAHAA My table is a catch-all for all the crap I don't feel like dealing with at the moment. Or ever.


  2. I'm impressed that you color coordinate your planner. I don't even color coordinate my outfit.

  3. I want a planner. its low on my list of things I can afford, plus Chris is always saying "Why do you need a planner you don't have a job"



  4. I only color coordinate so I know which class I have a million things to do for. That is SO not grammatically correct.

    KJ, because you have enough shit in your life that you need to organize. LIFE is a job. What colors rock your world, gf?