Friday, December 21, 2012

Three Words, The Sequel

So proud of myself for this somewhat creative logo.
I've done one of these before, where I ask my Twitter buddies for three random words and build a quick story around those words. I hope you enjoy.
“What the heck was that!?” she said, bolting upright in bed, eyes open wide, pillows and sheets and cats flying everywhere. It was still very early in the morning, or very late at night, depending on how you looked at it. It took her a while to wake up from her dream, her brain feeling like it was on some sketchy, rickety raft in the middle of the ocean 

“Well, I’m not getting back to sleep anytime soon,” she muttered to one cat, who was posed on the window ledge watching droplets of condensation meander lazily down the windowpanes. She swung her bare feet out of the soft, gray flannel sheets and plunked them onto the floor. “Ah, there’s Bubba,” she grinned as an equally gray cat streaked out from under a pile of blankets in a semi-panic. Sudden movements did not please His Grace. He was a rambunctious kitty, enjoying nothing more than to spring out and entwine himself around one’s feet so one would faceplant hard on an unforgiving floor. Such a loving animal, really. 

Her Highness, Bandit, was ensconced prettily on the pillow on the window ledge, staring sleepily after her mischievous brother. Bandit’s human wondered if her fur-princess would take a hatchet to the famous Prince of Thieves given the chance, but quickly dismissed the idea as bizarre… Bizarre? That idea? No more bizarre than that stupid dream about parachuting into a large bowl of cheese popcorn. The human girl whacked herself on the side of the head, as if she was shaking the silly image out of her head like pool water. Bandit looked at her complacently, simply happy that her human was in the room. 

She wandered down the hallway, the house warm and still fragrant from the baking spree she had gone on earlier. She padded into the kitchen, eyes landing on the banana bread still in its pan on the counter. “Nope, I need to save that for the housewarming party tomorrow…” she affirmed to no-one in particular, smirking in amusement for talking to herself. Reaching into the tin on the counter, she heard kitty toes scratching down the wood floors towards the kitchen. “Wrong container, guys,” she laughed, “This treat is for me. You had your smelly chicken mush earlier.” Clutching a few lemon cookies and a coconut water in one hand, and petting her fur-babies with the other, she headed for the back door.  

How she loved her back porch! It was partially covered for rainy days, and the other side was open to the stars. If she’d had a long day at work, she would decompress in one of the overstuffed chairs outside, allowing her stresses to float out to the universe. The cats sat closely by her feet, their tails wisping softly over her calves. She was pretty sure they didn’t appreciate the awe-inspiring view like she did. “You guys are nuts,” she said, enjoying her cookies. “Mrowr,” they agreed.

A sudden movement shook her out of her reverie; Bubba was pouncing on something and swatting it around. A tiny rattling sound coerced the barefooted human to investigate – it didn’t sound like a great midnight snack for the cat. Sure enough, one of the screws had worked its way out of the old estate-sale wooden table next to her chair. She picked it up with a deep sigh and headed inside to fetch a screwdriver, shooing the cats inside ahead of her. After replacing the screw, she took one last look up at the night sky before heading back to bed.  

Curling up with her furry friends, she drifted back into the soothing clouds inside her head, hoping that the next dream would be unrelated to any sort of white, puffy grain.

 Thanks so much to:
@SatanInSingSing screw, bolt, nuts.

‏@Hoppie1029 Dream, Popcorn, Ocean

@sanjekel41 bananabread,lemoncookies,famous

@Karimomof3 rambunctious- mischievous - smelly

‏@JustCallea parachute, universe, stars

‏@thatchickAmanda coconut, screwdriver, hatchet

@cherokeegirl74 Awe-inspiring

"The Man": condensation, panic, wide 

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