Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Brain overload!

I am pretty sure I mentioned in the last post that we are moving. To a gorgeous new apartment. However, packing this 1,000 square foot apartment is proving to be an exercise regime in itself!

My brain is full of nursing stuff for work as well as moving stuff... "M Day" is in 9 days. Do I have it in me to pack and work and still find time (and brain cells) to write? OH YES I DO!!!

One more box then I'll write. I miss it.

I have three must-do articles, then I'll be back here spilling joy into your computers.

Would you like a smiley face sticker?

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  1. Good luck! Moving is no easy task. I refuse to do it again until the kids are all out of the house and I can just have people come and take the stuff they want. I will then move my clothes and my person (and my husband, of course)to a tiny little apartment.