Sunday, February 24, 2013

It's been quiet, huh?

I have had my first two weeks at my new job, and I love it. It's exhausting work but incredibly rewarding!

We may be moving in the next week, too, so my writing here will come to a standstill (again) until we get settled. I'll try to post some links on here to other blogs that are super brilliant, and I have promised a few people that I would introduce their writing here as well.

If the move doesn't happen, then I will be on here full-force. I will try to keep it pleasant. :)

Until the day comes where I return in a blaze of glory, here is a picture of a lizard in a sunbeam. (My camera is awesome.)

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  1. The lizard makes me happy.

    A new job and a move. You like to keep busy! ;-)