Friday, February 1, 2013

How do you stay sane? Healthy? Positive?

Yesterday, I had the best massage of my life. This morning, I woke up feeling like my muscles had been through a contortionist's first lesson. I guess that's a good thing?

The feeling of limberness and relaxation had me thinking - there is a lot of stress in our lives, and people have various ways of dealing with it. I took to Facebook and Twitter in order to find out how people stay sane, healthy and positive. The answers, while not overly surprising, were inspirational in themselves due to the passion hidden within simple words.

Callea, who is walking the Camino in Spain this May, and writing about it here, says, "I never think of myself as anything but sane, healthy and positive. The Law of Attraction does the rest. :)"

Two friends attribute their well-being to the support of the special men in their lives, while several more thank their family and friends for being a steadfast support system. Faith is brought into the equation as being particularly important to many. Self-realization is identified, with one contributor telling us it's okay to make mistakes - learning is growing.

Exercise and meditation are common themes, with hiking and yoga being favorites. On the opposite side, "bad foods" are a comfort for some (I can personally attest to chocolate being a not-so-secret gratification.) Coffee whilst venting to friends also comes into play as being a pleasant release of stress, as well as the indulgence in a glass of wine.

The importance of going out and leaving the stress behind is enormous, as well as realizing that we all need to forget ourselves for a moment. It's a huge task, sometimes, to figure in time for ourselves, but a quiet minute or two underneath foamy bubbles or surrounded by the heavy beat of loud music can afford us the chance to step outside the stress and find our Self in the midst of it all. Comic relief and laughter can soften the sharp edges of stressful lives and envelop us in pillow-soft joy.

We are also encouraged to forgive ourselves and others, to be curious about life and all it has to bring - to learn from everything. Love yourself as all you are, and don't be anything different.

Then there's my Dad, who says that a biscotti fixes everything. I tend to agree, Dad.

Of course, only homemade biscotti need apply.

I'd love to hear from you! What do you find helps you stay sane/healthy/positive?

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  1. Well, being manic depressive with PTSD, I work a lot on self care. I think meditation in the morning, yoga, getting outside (sometimes impossible when deeper moods hit), having an amazingly understanding spouse, going to the gym twice a week, and a cup of strong decaf coffee all help. I'm surprised I'm the "first responder"!

    Also, your dad is right, but for me, the biscotti MUST have a thick strip of dark chocolate on the top or it doesn't count... wink. Amy