Wednesday, February 6, 2013

There's a Dorito on my carpet...

No, I don't know how it got there. I do know The Man was eating Doritos yesterday, but he's usually very good about making sure they either get in his tummy or in the trash. I think one of the cats has a secret Doritos fetish. Maybe Bubba got hungry late last night and brought out his secret stash - then he got distracted by one of the billions of cat toys they have, and voila... Dorito surprise.

He is guilty. GUILTY. (This doesn't even show half the toys.)
I write this with "Tom & Jerry" blasting in the background. A cold mug of coffee is on my right. Usually I wouldn't let my coffee get cold, but I forgot that I had sweetened the coffee, so I ended up sweetening it again, and while I love Splenda, a double-dose of Splenda is not loveable. [Side note: evidently "loveable" and "lovable" are both acceptable.]

I am also momentarily distracted by alerts from "Words With Friends" coming through thanks to my Twitter-plea asking people to play with me. I'm addicted, I admit it. I have something like 15 games going at the moment, and always get excited to see what words this game lets me get away with. I think I scored like 97 points for "JEES" one day, which left my chin on the floor and my opponent all, "WTF, woman!?" She did get me back with a word that made no sense at all, and scored about seven-thousand points in total, so I'll shut up now.

How come you always get so tired on days that you don't do a single thing? I was on the couch all day long yesterday. I was exhausted at the end of the night. That doesn't make sense. Then again, how can pillows and blankets be a bad thing?

Can you see how this blog is a "variety blog" now?

Did you guys go wish Kirsten a Happy Birthday yet over at her blog The Kir Corner? She asked us to share what our best birthday gifts were, and I won't ruin it for you here - she included it in her blog entry.

Also, have you met Tara's new furbaby, Asta? Read all about her at Thin Spiral Notebook.

If you still have some time, and need to know all about slutty pumpkins, The Sarcasm Goddess has you covered. Not literally, because that would involve more than leather and whips. Just read it.

LA should be a nurse. If only because she eats fast. Read her story about turning purple

And because I totally understand how cats can take over the entire universe, The Bloggess shares exactly how it is that she gets nothing done.

So, my friends, what happened this week or over the weekend that made you go, "HUH???"

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  1. Thanks for the love, hon! I still need to get WWF so we can word battle the hell out of our phones!

  2. So much love and funny and you being awesome. I love this.. And YOU

  3. LA, YOU BETCHA!!!

    Kir, thank you, my friend. I hope your cupcakes were amazzzing.

  4. Thanks so much for the shout out! You Rock! And i know exactly how you feel. Doing nothing makes me exhausted.