Friday, August 5, 2011

Bandit being ridiculously adorable.

You've already met Laser Eyes Bubba, who stalks human feet ruthlessly with the intent to kill. Okay, maybe just torture you until you cave and play with him, but regardless...

This is Bandit. I did not name her. If I had named her, she would have been named Echo, for the simple reason that she has entire conversations with people. She is a wonderful assistant when coming up with blog topics and keeping my head on straight.

Tonight, she is being helpful at keeping me from being overly snarky on Twitter.


  1. Oh young one, why are you worried about being snarky on Twitter? Twitter is the very best place to be snarky.:)

  2. I did not win the battle, Bodacious Boomer... snark was fully implemented and enjoyed.

  3. Mama you are MY slave and i did NOT approve computer time...

  4. Oh my goodness what a cutie patootie! At least she's staying OFF the keyboard in this photo... My Stewie-butt will park his entire body across my laptop so I have to pay attention to him. Prima Donna.

  5. Ahhhh, yes...I have three,, personal assistants. They are very distracting me, keeping me from typing, asd being cute! lol Bandit is adorable. :o)

  6. KJ, oh yes. I am a slave.

    Tazer, this is a rare occurence. Usually the cats are draped across the computer AND me!

    Melle, you betcha. They want attention, and they want it now, dammit.