Thursday, August 11, 2011

Things I am thankful for

To celebrate 1,000 pageviews (holy hell, people!) I have decided to dedicate this entry to you all. I appreciate your reading my blather and mindless f*ckery, I really do. This might end up sounding like an Oscar's speech from 1987 (no time limit). However, I've narrowed my list down a bit. I am thankful for a hell of a lot more.

I am thankful for coffee, for which this blog post would not be possible. It is made better by white chocolate mocha creamer and Splenda. It is in one of my college mugs which reminds me of how far I've come.

I am thankful for Mom 'n' Dad 'n' Lil Sis 'n' DBF. They kept my head on straight(er). They're there for me when I am going 12 different directions and keep me somewhat normal. And, gods, I am so thankful that Dad's hip replacement went well yesterday.

I am thankful for my Bandit and Bubba. They've been through thick and thin with me for 12 years and 8 years, respectively.

I am thankful for Twitter and The Bloggess for inspiring me to blog. I am also thankful for the laughs I receive from reading those 140-character snarks.

I am thankful for my job. Being a nursing assistant is not easy, but I adore it, and am inspired every day by my patients and their families. I am also shown by nurses what, and what not, to do as a nurse. I'm thankful for the knowledge that you should probably always wear a protective gown when doing bowel care. And shoe covers.

I am thankful that I was chosen to be part of the nursing program. It's taken me a long time, but I love nursing so much and can't wait to practice professionally!

I am thankful for zit cream. When I wake up in the morning with a frickin' volcano in the center of my forehead, it's awesome to be able to dab a little bit of stuff on that and be able to tell myself that the volcano is now invisible.

I am thankful for my best friend, Shelly. She gets top-notch rating from me, and should technically be above the zit cream, but my copy-and-paste brain function hasn't kicked in yet.

I am thankful for quiet neighbors. (I am not thankful for the neighbors that leave the back gate open when two people were shot across the street last year because I love my life, thankyouverymuch.)

I am thankful for my 7-year old cotton sheets. They are SO comfy, and are calling me back right now. Must. Fight. Must. Resist.

I am thankful for my psychiatrist and therapist. Ooo... too much? Shocked? They're the ones who saved my life and helped me to get through the bullshit of agoraphobia. If it hadn't been for them, I don't know where I'd be. I know I wouldn't be here, sharing the intricacies of my sick life with you fine people. ;-)

I am thankful, lastly, for my friends, online and otherwise. You're all amazing.