Thursday, January 10, 2013

Let's GO THERE!!!!

This one is EASY!!!!!!

NaBloPoMo wants to know what blogging task saps my energy!

I have no problem writing, as you can see. I can write for days. I have a LOT on my mind, and love to express myself in funny, creative, sarcastic, or make-ya-think ways that will have you saying, "You know, this blog isn't half bad, and I might just come back tomorrow, or even subscribe!"

What really chaps my hide (doesn't that sound awfully painful?) is when one browser is working per-fect-leee (you know, for the past YEAR) and then you're hauling along on your brilliant witticisms and say "OH! I have a picture for that!" and then you go to upload the picture and...... and....... aaaannnnnddddddd....



So, of course, that means I have to make sure I save the blog, head over to another browser, make sure things are where I put them originally, then upload the pictures from there.

And in case you're all, "Well why dontcha just write under that one browser?" Because, my lovely friend, my sweet peanut, my dear Reader... it does it on the other browser, too. 

And that, THAT, is what saps my energy the most when blogging. Nothing else. Just that. 

It makes me do this:



  1. As I am a computer illiterate, I have no clue what you are talking about when you say you go to another browser, make sure things are where they shcould be and such. What I do understand is being unable to upload photos when it all worked just fine the day before. Or even five minutes before. The cat very well depicts my irritation.

  2. Good morning, In The Coop!

    I mean that on Internet Explorer, I'm unable to upload photos all of a sudden, which is evidently a problem for more people than just me. So I switch over to Firefox and it will happen there, too, but only a few times.

    It's whacked. lol

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