Monday, January 7, 2013

"Pop Goes The World!"

I can see The Man's face right now... there is a commercial that plays on TV once in awhile, and they use "Pop Goes the World" for their song. He groans every time. If this song plays on the radio, he shakes off my hand and lunges for the radio, and there is a swatting catfight-like groping over the buttons as we each try to exert our will over the other. My puppy-dog eyes usually win him over, and he sinks with an anguished sigh into the seat.

I love the song.

Therefore, when the NaBloPoMo prompt-of-the-day invited me to talk about the song that gives me energy, that's what popped (sorry) into my head.

If you haven't yet heard this gem by Men Without Hats, here you go :

Heck yeah.

I also love "Safety Dance" by Men Without Hats,  "Iko Iko" by Belle Stars, lots of Johnny Cash and Psychedelic Furs, "Lost in My Mind" by The Head and the Heart, Abba songs - "Fernando", "Take a Chance on Me", "Lips Like Sugar" by Echo and the Bunnymen, and a hundred billion others.

Music often fills me with energy on many levels. I love all kinds - except rap! - and will find various forms of energy in different kinds of music. If there is a hilarious video to go with them, such as the "Supernatural" TV show version of "Eye of the Tiger", or the ChatRoulette version of "Call Me Maybe", I'm more apt to be hooked on it. [Warning: The "Call Me Maybe" video has a bearded dude in a bikini. Hilarious.]

I want to know - What makes you rock out?

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